Gary Patterson

“The biggest thing about the Dodd Award is what it stands for. What kind of coach, Coach Dodd was. For me, he was about character. He was about purpose.”


David Cutcliffe

“The qualities that Coach Dodd had and believed in. It’s what a coach should be. It’s a person that takes young people in every part of their lives and coaches them. And carries them from one destination to another. That’s what this award is about. It’s truly coaching at its finest.”









Jim Grobe

I don’t know if there’s any award more prestigious than the Bobby Dodd Award because it stands for more than just winning football games.  It’s all about the student athlete and how you treat your players and the values that your’e teaching so it’s a great honor for me to win the award.”


Ken Hatfield

 “I think more than anything the Dodd award meant you’re representing all the values and ideas that coach Dodd stood for. And certainly everybody in my generation growing up knew Coach Dodd and the way he coached, the way he treated people and the way he put the emphasis on the total person and saw they got a good degree and were prepared for life after football. And yet, at the same time, learned all the lessons of leadership that football could teach too.”







Dick Sheridan

The award is special because it’s not only winning football games and being successful on the field, but having a program that stresses integrity, academics, and to do things in the right way, more than just winning ball games.”


Bill Curry

“Well, it meant everything in our business to me. For the selfish reason he was my coach, for the reasons his name stands for integrity and his emphasis on academics and doing things the right way.”







Fred Goldsmith

“When I look back it was probably the greatest honor I ever had just because of my memory of Coach Dodd.”


Chris Petersen

 “Well, it’s an extremely special award. I think everybody in the coaching profession respects this award. The guys that have won it in the past, I mean, you just look at the list and to be included with those unbelievable coaches was one of the biggest honors I’ve ever received without question.”






Frank Beamer

 “I’m deeply honored. You sit in the room with all the winners and you realize what a blessing it’s been to be in this great game and to be there with such tremendous people.”


Fisher DeBerry

I thought it was probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, awards I was privileged to receive.”